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A Word From Calvin Gann

The 10th Annual, Emerald Coast Southern Gospel Music Association (ECSGMA) Jubilee Weekend, Jan 24, 25 and 26, went off without a hitch and was an uplifting, music packed, exciting three days that will burn in the hearts of all who attended for a long while.  It started at the Marina Civic Center in Panama City, FL. on Thursday Jan, 24th with a concert with 10 artists and featured Brian Free & Assurance.

Friday’s festivities started early for the Paradigm Music Group Artists with a workshop starting at 10:00 am.  The workshop was designed to round up all the Paradigm Artists and get the business part taken care of in order to start everyone out on the same page as we begin 2008.  After the workshop the workshop attendees were joined by their families and move over to the Paradigm Bar-B-Q.  After the food and fellowship time we started a time of worship and sharing.  I shared a message that God had laid on my heart for our artists and then I called on some of the Paradigm Family to share what God was doing in their ministries.  God moved during this time and annual Paradigm event ended up having filled Mind, Body and Soul of over 110 attendees.
Later on Friday at the evening concert, ten more artists were presented to the ECSGMA crowd.  The feature group was Three Bridges who did a wonderful job presenting Christ.

Saturday was another busy day starting at 1:00 pm with seminars for those interested in growing their ministries.  A popular subject was covered about professionalism for an eagar seminar crowd and was led by Cricket Lee.  Another favorite seminar was the round table discussion, where everyone gets to ask questions and help with the answers.  The exchange is always encouraging and informative.

At 3:00 pm the matinee showcase started which brought 8 new artists to the ECSGMA stage.  As usual 8 new wonderful artist and groups were loved by the audience.

At 5:00 pm the ECSGMA Beacon Awards were presented on the main stage.  These awards are nominated and voted on by ECSGMA members. Paradigm artist faired very well during these awards.  Tammy Kirkland won Female soloist, Song of the Year, and Album of the Year.  Tommy Moseley won Male Soloist.  The Gann Brothers won Male Group.  Cory Gann won Stage Musician.  Calvin Gann won Producer of the Year.  Tom Hoots won Engineer of the Year.  Dennis Lee won Sound Tech of the Year.  Joe Cook Family won Mixed Group of the Year.  Grace Bailey won New Artist.  Heavenly Hearts won Female Group of the Year.  Twelve out of 18 awards went to the Paradigm Family, WOW.  This speaks volumes about how well your ministries are love, respected and received.  Keep up the GREAT work. The Saturday evening concert started at 6:00 pm and included 10 more groups and featured the Dixie Echoes.  In all there were over 42 different groups or artists appearing on this years Jubilee in three days.  The 10th Jubilee proved to be the best yet.

The ECSGMA Jubilee Weekend was officially over at the end of the Saturday night concert but the un-official end comes after the Sunday Gospel Singers Church service.  The service is held on Sunday, each year at the host hotel in a large conference room.  You may have been involved in some wonderful church services but until you have had church with 125 or more gospel singers you don’t know what you are missing.  We get to sing with these other groups and artist throughout the year and get to see them going up and down the highways but only once a year do we get to worship together.  I have never seen or experienced anything just like this church service where there are only like minded musical ministers who are able to relate to each other in so many ways.  Terry Kirkland brought a wonderful message and challange and the music was out of this world.

If you have not had the opportunity to attend the ECSGMA Jubilee Weekend, please put it down for next year.  It is held the last weekend of January each year.  Make your plans now to be with us.

Be sure to read the Artist Connection next month where we will make an announcement about a brand new group that has signed with Paradigm Music Group.  And after we announce who the group is, we will announce a major change for this group.

Thanks DJ’s for your support of our Radio Promoter, Tammy Kirkland and for playing the songs on Paradigm Comps 1, 2 and 3.

Till Next Month - Be Blessed,

Calvin Gann

What's In This Song?

Song Title: There’s A Miracle for You
Paradigm Compilation Volume 3, cut 7
Artist: Jennifer Strickland

Jennifer Strickland is a relatively new name to Southern Gospel music, but with the passion with which she writes and sings, Jennifer Strickland will be a name synonymous with great song writing. 

In her very first radio single, Jennifer shares every day trials and the miracles God uses to sustain us everyday.

I looked up the word

1. An event or effect in the physical world deviating from the known laws;
2. A wonder or marvel

I started this article last week, but was unable to finish it.  I know God’s timing is perfect.  Last night, a news anchor was interviewing a young lady that was tossed around by a terrible tornado in Tennessee.  He asked her if she could explain why her home and everything she owned was totally destroyed yet she and her family survived the tornado.  Her answer?  “It was a miracle,” she said. 

He wasn’t happy with that answer so he asked again.  This time, asking her to explain how the force that threw her several hundred feet, almost killing her,  her husband and child and was devastating to everything in it’s path, how this did not destroy them.  Again her answer was, “All I can say is it was a miracle, an act of God.

Sometimes, the only way to explain something incredible like that is God’s divine intervention. 

  • Abraham and Sarah have a miracle child
  • Crossing of the Red Sea
  • Crossing of the River Jordan
  • Walls of Jericho tumbling down
  • Pay your tithes and your bills only to notice that you paid out more than you made and didn’t run short
  • The doctors report was wrong? Your illness is healed!
  • You have no groceries, someone brings food to your home unexpected

God still does miracles today.  Anything we can’t do on our own, but it gets done, that is a miracle. Even if provided by someone you know, God used circumstances and people to do miracles for you.

Listen to His voice, you may be that miracle for someone today. Every promise in God’s word is yes and amen. Stand on His Word, He’ll never let you down.  There is a Miracle For You.  Jennifer, thank you for such a great song.  I know that radio listeners everywhere will be blessed by the message in this song.

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The Artist’s Connection - February Edition The Artist’s Connection - February Edition The Artist’s Connection - February Edition The Artist’s Connection - February Edition The Artist’s Connection - February Edition

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